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London Book Fair

The London Book Fair started yesterday 15th April 2013 in Earl's Court and will last until tomorrow, Wednesday. Today Michael Krüger was awarded the London Book Fair Lifetime Achievement Award.  Michael Krüger has published no less than 16 Nobel laureates for literature, so he really is an amazing man. Congratulations! The London Book fair started in 1971 as a librarian's trade show (SPEX Small and Specialist Publishers' Exhibition) and has over the years evolved into one of the most prestigious events in publishing.  

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Digital publications from the UK to be sent to deposit libraries

In most countries, a publisher has to send companies of newly printed books to repositories, or often called deposit libraries or national libraries. There have been many famous libraries through the ages, though the old libraries seemed to be more like our present day deposit, as the books were chained to their stands, and could not be borrowed. In year 2000 UNESCO made recommendation for the construction of legal deposit legislation, though the books have been deposited in many national libraries as far back as the 1500s. In the UK the most exciting ones to visit are (in my opinion) the British Library and the Bodlean. Each country has its own regulations, and the number of books deposited is usually...

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Where do publishes get their statistics?

It is very difficult to get information about publishing straight off, because so much of it is kept secret or the various big publishers use in-house statisticians who inevitably compare different sources. Comparing apples and pears often gives a mix of incomparable information, but don't give up. It is possible, but first you need to know the different main sources. For the UK and for the English speaking world of publishing, The Bookseller is one of the best sources. It sends daily digests about what is happening and have a hot line with Nielsen Book Scan, which is a pay-for information-book-sales-tracking-company. Nielsen often does not monitor what goes on in small companies, and only scan the retail market. Subscribing to information...

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