Wanted: Software sorcerers


Mossytop Dreamharvest Ltd is developing a groundbreaking educational tool, MageQuill. We have a good start, but need to infuse it with creative magic. The core of MageQuill is a manuscript editing tool, collaborative in the sense that the manuscript author (student) gets help from a dedicated mentor (teacher) and as the manuscript matures towards publishing quality also soliciting input from a growing group of peer reviewers. Through a recent purchase, we have also acquired the Eferio Android book store.


To fulfil a large international order, we need to integrate the Eferio bookstore into MageQuill for a dedicated tablet hardware bundle. This integration will initially be aiming for one very specific device and the software development will focus on merging the handling of user data and documents between the two software platforms, both on a session level to make the user experience seamless and pleasant, but also on database and software architecture level to ensure efficient future upgrades and minimise bandwidth and server capacity requirements.


MageQuill in its current form is implemented in Drupal and a mySQL database containing user data and manuscripts in a proprietary text structure allowing comment tracking and version rollback. We expect to keep Drupal and mySQL as the strategic choice until such time that we need to switch to an in-house developed application for increased efficiency. The Eferio bookstore, on the other hand, is a frontend native Android app providing portals for different user groups and through a JAVA backend running on a Tomcat application server accessing a PostgreSQL database containing user data, apps and epub books.


We are looking to reinforcing our software team in Dornie, Highlands of Scotland, with initially 2-5 additional staff to ensure merging the two softwares and continuing to build a unique platform. Although detailed knowledge in your core field is crucial, we are a small growing team and thus cross-disciplinary skills and communication is highly valuable.



Mission and responsibilities

  • Software architecture and modularisation
  • Client-side (Android) user interface development
  • Server-side (Drupal and/or Java) access and workflow development
  • Database (mySQL and/or PostgreSQL) access, structuring and development

Specific skillsets we are looking for

  • Relevant skills for one or several lines of the Mission and responsibilities above is a requirement
  • Experience in Web application development
  • Clear understanding of Software development lifecycle
  • In-Depth understanding of JavaScript for building large applications
  • Understanding of Web Services
  • Other languages like C++, C# or Objective-C, Gaelic, Urdu, Tagalog, HTML
  • Hands-on experience with one more Single Page Application frameworks such as Ember.JS, Knockout.JS, Backbone.JS or AngularJS
  • Hands-on experience building responsive content using CSS3
  • In-depth knowledge of handling DOM Manipulation
  • Extensive hands-on experience with Android SDK, Android Studio, development tools, application lifecycle, asynchronous server communication, and UI components
  • Experience from unit testing frameworks
  • Agile methodologies (SCRUM)
  • GIT, Grunt, Bower and Node JS


For all positions, the following traits are desired

  • Fluent English skills, oral and written.
  • Working within a multifunctional team and not getting stuck in a box
  • Experience from mobile development
  • Experience with Test Driven Development and Continuous Improvement
  • Analytical, creative, self-motivated and results oriented
  • Enjoying the beauty of a piece of code being well-functioning and as simple and efficient as possible
  • Striving for perfection but getting results achieved on time on a tight schedule

Contact us on; MageQuillvacancies@bombadilpublishing.com




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