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Interview: A blogger with a difference. Meet Dr.Roshan Radhakrishnan!

Dear Readers, This week, let me introduce you to someone we can always take a tip or two from when it comes to blogging. An Anesthesiologist by profession, blogger by seer passion, Dr. Roshan Radhakrishnan is a prominent blogger from India. His blog Godyears ( has grown by leaps and bounds over a decade and in this interview, he shares a few tips and tricks to get the blogger in you going! So grab your writing pads and get ready to be amazed! [caption id="attachment_553" align="aligncenter" width="337"] Source:[/caption] You have been widely published both nationally (India) and internationally. Please give us a brief account of your publications? While I do not have a full length novel, I do have 'a...

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MageQuill: Igniting young minds and empowering freedom of speech

Dear readers, We are participating in the Virgin Startup contest and we would really appreciate if if you would help us win by voting for us! As the founder of the revolutionizing educational tool called MageQuill, we are confident that this has the capacity to change lives and impact young minds. But we cannot get through this without your help and support. So here we are, presenting our idea to the world: Young people want to be heard. Schools want to improve literacy. We are a highly experienced company based in the Highlands of Scotland working to create a better world by helping young people get their voices heard. We do this through publishing printed and e-books by young authors...

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Author Interview: Introducing Manuel Moreira, author of Dying Angel

Dear readers, This week, let me introduce you to Manuel Moreira, our young author of Dying Angel. The book is being worked upon by the Bombadil team at the moment. Presenting Manuel to you through this interview: 1. What inspired you to write Dying Angel? Back when I was about 10 or 12 years old I remember seeing a report on TV about a little girl abandoned at the hospital. She had a rare health condition, as a result she couldn't move her limbs or speak properly, just make sounds that resembled more the murmurs of an animal than the whispering of a human being. What shocked me about this entire situation was how her family abandoned her, her mother had...

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