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Where is Bombadil Publishing?

A wonderful illustrator, Peter John Herron, has created an illustration to where we are in the form of a map of Scotland, with Dornie clearly marked, and a further map of Dornie showing where we are. Dornie is not very big, so we could be found without a map, but the illustration is beautiful and welcoming. Thank you Peter John Herron for your wonderful map.  

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Upcoming online collaboration platform

Bombadil Publishing frequenters know what our core is all about: helping young people write, without blocking creativity. And many know how we do that: by guiding the creative process through mentors rather than editors. Unlike in the case of traditional editors these mentors are not Bombadil employees nor is their primary goal commercial success. This approach has proven to be successful; over the past few years over sixty books written by young people have been published by Bombadil, and many more manuscripts are in the making but haven't reached the publishing stage yet. However, the process also requires a lot of manual input from the side of the authors, mentors, and Bombadil Publishing, due to the fact that many tasks,...

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Labels4Kids short story contest results

A while ago Bombadil Publishing together with Labels4Kids organized a short story writing contest themed “The label that saved the world”. Seven contestants have submitted their stories, and the jury has selected the winners of the contest. The winners have already been informed, and now we're ready to share this good news with the world. The third place goes to Ragnarök Contingency, by William Cureton. William wins a Bombadil T-shirt. The second place goes to The Mermaid, by Amanda Schultz. Amanda wins a Bombadil Hoodie and a Labels4kids Vinyl Starter pack. And the first place goes to The super hero, the villain and the LABEL, by Gemma McPherson. As first place prize Gemma's story will be turned into a short...

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