MageQuill – A Unique Platform For Young Authors

MageQuill – A Unique Platform For Young Authors

Bombadil Publishing, an unconventional youth to youth publishing house, has been a revolution in the publishing game since its inception. The publishing process that was previously done manually has been integrated into a web-based platform, known as MageQuill. With the power of the Internet, we hope to reach out to young writers across the globe. At present, we have young writers from more than ninety countries and we only want to keep expanding.

We Invite Young Writers To Join MageQuill

We strongly believe that the youth want to be heard. It is this belief that drives us forward and with MageQuill, we are offering young people a platform where their voices will be heard. If you are an aspiring writer and want to get your book published, you simply have to register with us and create a MageQuill account. Once you have an account, you can upload your write-ups to us. We will turn your writing into e-books or printed books.

Language Is Not A Barrier To Us

MageQuill educational publishing Scotland or Highlands publishes books in English, Swedish, Spanish, German and even Gaelic languages. We are also constantly trying to add more languages to be able to serve the needs of even more students globally.

Subscribe To Us To Unlock More Opportunities

Here at Bombadil Publishing, want to help students realise their dream of becoming an author sooner rather than later. This is why, we have integrated an editing and networking system into the MageQuill platform. Students will also enjoy the professional guidance of a mentor. Moreover, if you sign up for an annual subscription, you will have access to not just the writing tool, but all that MageQuill has to offer, such as an entire library of premium quality books written by young authors for young people.

With MageQuill, we have started a literary revolution that will grow from strength to strength with your contribution. We allow the youth of today to write what they want to inspire other young minds and literary explorers like themselves to fulfill their dreams. To learn more about this service  contact us today.

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