Youth Publishing House: Opportunity For Young Writers To Get Their Book Published

A common misconception regarding published authors is that they have spent a lot of time honing their skills. Surprisingly, some of the mainstream writers have actually achieved publishing success at a very young age. So, if you are a budding writer struggling with your craft, Bombadil Publishing is here to help. We are an innovative youth to youth publishing house serving young writers across the world through the power of the Internet.

Turn Your Writing Into Books With Our Assistance
Our company strongly believes in the axiom – Practice makes perfect. Whether you spend days or just an hour writing, we offer you an amazing web-based platform to get your writing published, known as MageQuill. Create your own account at MageQuill and upload your written piece. We will scrutinise your content and publish it into an e-book or printed book. As for printed books, we not only take care of the publishing, but marketing activities and selling, as well.

We Put No Limitations On Language
Bombadil Publishing is a publishing house committed to transforming aspiring writers into published writers across 90 countries in the world including the UK. Not only do we consider different genres of books, but also issue books in various languages including Swedish, German, Spanish, English and even Gaelic. Our team is constantly driving their efforts in adding more languages to the list so that more and more young writers can fulfil their dream.

Our Mentors Sharpen The Skills Of Young Writers
Writing may seem like a lonely endeavour, but it does not have to be, especially when you are at a young age. Unlike a typical publishing house, we work with instructors instead of the usual editors at our youth books publishing house. Since young writers do not get as many years as mature writers to practice their work, our highly-skilled guidance team provides a lot of help in completing the manuscript of the book. On top of that, our mentors will also coach you in enhancing the quality of your writing, as well as, boost your confidence to finish your book.

At Bombadil Publishing, we inspire the young generation to dedicate their efforts in the field of writing and having their book published. If you are under 26 years of age and want to share your stories with the world, contact us today.

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