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Our webshop is now up and working and a new book will be added every week. A number of our ebooks are also available as printed books and can be ordered via

Over the next coming months printed books will be made available to order through the webshop. Please bear with us as we are continuing to release new features, improving the site and working on our manuscript creation platform.
Questions not regarding book purchases can be directed to
Available and upcoming titles can be found on Titles in Print and Upcoming Titles, respectively. For books in Spanish or Swedish, please change to respective language. We are excited to be adding Gaelic language books during 2015.

If you are under 26 and have a book that you want to publish with us, please register at the Bombadil Publishing Facebook Group and send us a message. We will then connect you with a mentor. Until our manuscript creation platform is ready, most of this will be done manually, so apologies in advance if it takes a bit of time. We have received a tremendous interest in the last year but we are recruiting Mentors and streamlining the workflow to get as many books as possible by young authors published. We look forward to reading your book!
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