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Youth Publishing

If you are a writer aspiring to have your book published and are seeking help from a publisher to do it, we at Bombadil Publishing believe that we can assist you with this! This section will explain the how, why’s, what’s and when’s on youth books publishing – MageQuill style.

The MageQuill writing component is a tool that provides an inspirational copy book for pupils and teachers a first for Youth Books. In step with the Curriculum for Excellence, that will take you on a journey of creative writing. Your thoughts and ideas, writing without boundaries within an online community of peers –  youth to youth publishing at it’s best. Critically, a system that provides help, guidance and motivation to free your imagination. MageQuill’s digital log will safeguard your work, eliminating the risk of loss while building your chapters for your book.

The MageQuill publishing component is an advanced tool specifically for youth books publishing opportunity. Our publishing platform represents a quantum leap in the opportunity available to would-be authors. We work in partnership with traditional publishers, game manufacturers and rights owners to make the right content available to students and educators in a simple-to-use mobile platform and into the broader world, allowing the students to influence what they want to read.

The MageQuill foresight component is a user friendly data analytics platform that not only keeps track of your progress through the curriculum and the insights gleaned from the way that you consume and interpret texts, an advancement for any youth book.

It also enables educators to spot trends in writing, stylistic challenges and even pit a measure on the creative heights you are reaching. We want to work with educators to help design your current and future data requirements in an intelligent and user friendly way.

If you are under 26 and have a book that you want to publish with us, please register at the Bombadil Publishing Facebook Page and send us a message. We are the company that believes and supports youth to youth publishing. We will then connect you with a mentor. Until our manuscript creation platform is ready, most of this will be done manually, so apologies in advance if it takes a bit of time. We have received a tremendous interest in the last year but we are recruiting Mentors and streamlining the workflow to get as many books as possible by young authors published. We look forward to reading your book!

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