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Thank you for your patience – we are almost there

Sorry that it has been so quiet for a while. I have been working behind the scenes, and so many amazing things are happening. I wish I could tell you all, but hopefully, I will be able to make an announcement next week. The future for Bombadil is bright and beautiful, and we are almost there. Thank you all for being so patient. Soon I will be joined by more people, two already starting in two weeks, with more to follow, and then we will be able to bring everything up to date. and give you all the attention you deserve. Thank you so much for being patient. I know many of you wish I would get back faster, and...

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About the English language

Stephen Fry has always been a great advocate of the English language. Here is a particularly interesting piece. I tend to agree with what he says, especially since a language can only be great if it grows and changes with the times. Change does not mean leaving the good, it means developing, and adding. Being alive. Here is an interesting view on English by Stephen Fry  

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Apple and Amazon – dog fight and bad influences on the market

There was this blog from the Bookseller, which I am going to copy in total, as they say it so much better than I could. I am a mac user and I often order books through Amazon, but, as an independent publisher, it makes me upset to see how they try and control the market. Most interesting is that they are fighting over ebooks, when they soon will be last year's black. There are so many better options, especially for the kids that write for Bombadil and the many kids that value our brand. Trial and marginalisation (Submitted by Philip Jones) The Apple e-book price fixing case is a curious side-show for an industry that is already looking beyond the...

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Lots of new things happening

When others go to the beach and enjoy their bank holiday weekend, we have been stuck inside (well most of the time :.D) working hard and getting the last pieces to fall into place. Our shop is ready now, and when it is released there will be new updates about our wonderful authors, their books, future books and publishing at large. We have also developed a dashboard which will show interesting information about what is selling. To keep the suspense, however, we will be releasing features - and books - a little at a time. So keep your eyes peeled. And that is not the only thing. We are also almost ready with our mentor-author stage gate document handling program,...

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