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refers to all of you who read or write Bombadil-books. Some may do both. The common denominator for all is the desire to express your dreams, texts and passions and the desire to inspire passion for reading and writing.

We at Bombadil would like to change the world. We want everyone to have the opportunity to express themselves and get their voices heard, regardless of age. That is why we are unique; all our writers are young people between 12-26 years old; all with something to say and express.

The world map show where there were Bombadilians. All 90 Bombadil-blue countries have active Bombadilian writers, and the number increases daily. Welcome to paint the world blue! Welcome to join the Bombadil revolution.

Do you write? Do you have an idea, or maybe even a finished script you want to share with the world?

Please become a member our Facebook group and do not hesitate to contact us on


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