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Where is Bombadil Publishing?

A wonderful illustrator, Peter John Herron, has created an illustration to where we are in the form of a map of Scotland, with Dornie clearly marked, and a further map of Dornie showing where we are. Dornie is not very big, so we could be found without a map, but the illustration is beautiful and welcoming. Thank you Peter John Herron for your wonderful map.  

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Upcoming online collaboration platform

Bombadil Publishing frequenters know what our core is all about: helping young people write, without blocking creativity. And many know how we do that: by guiding the creative process through mentors rather than editors. Unlike in the case of traditional editors these mentors are not Bombadil employees nor is their primary goal commercial success. This approach has proven to be successful; over the past few years over sixty books written by young people have been published by Bombadil, and many more manuscripts are in the making but haven't reached the publishing stage yet. However, the process also requires a lot of manual input from the side of the authors, mentors, and Bombadil Publishing, due to the fact that many tasks,...

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Labels4Kids short story contest results

A while ago Bombadil Publishing together with Labels4Kids organized a short story writing contest themed “The label that saved the world”. Seven contestants have submitted their stories, and the jury has selected the winners of the contest. The winners have already been informed, and now we're ready to share this good news with the world. The third place goes to Ragnarök Contingency, by William Cureton. William wins a Bombadil T-shirt. The second place goes to The Mermaid, by Amanda Schultz. Amanda wins a Bombadil Hoodie and a Labels4kids Vinyl Starter pack. And the first place goes to The super hero, the villain and the LABEL, by Gemma McPherson. As first place prize Gemma's story will be turned into a short...

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Competition update

We have had some lovely stories for the competition, please comment on them and spread them for even more comments. Labels4kids are impressed with your efforts but are finding it difficult to decide as they really like them all, so your comments are very important. Come on folks! Let's find the winner!

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Labels4Kids short story contest entries are here!

About a month ago Bombadil Publishing together with Labels4Kids organized a short story writing contest themed "The label that saved the world". The submission window for this contest has now ended and seven contestants have submitted their stories. Here are links to each of the stories in no particular order: Alex Granger and The Golden Fleece, by Lewis Mackay The Mermaid, by Amanda Schultz Ragnarök Contingency, by William Cureton The Genius Disease, by Ava MacKinnon The super hero, the villain and the LABEL, by Gemma McPherson The Label that saved the World!, by David MacKee The Label that Saved the World., by Ryan Brady A jury consisting of people from Bombadil Publishing and Labels4Kids will present a winning story on...

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The Genius Disease

Because there’s a cure for everything Ava MacKinnon “Loser ” is just another one of the name’s I was called every day It’s up there with “nerd” and “fat”. But out of all my many labels. Worst one had to be loser. I guess I thought that I was kinda used to it. But not really every time I fell down, I would try to push myself back up. But I just would keep tripping over my own feet. That’s when it would get bad. At first, I heard nothing I was crawling around the floor trying to find my glasses. But then all of a sudden I would hear snickers behind me. Then came the giggling. Then the full...

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The Label that Saved the World.

Max and Jane were out for their morning walk along the beach when Max found a bit of old paper. Jane took it off him to see what it was. She did not know what it said. There were a lot of big words on it that she had never heard before. She put it in her pocket and she and Max went home. Jane forgot all about the paper she had found until her mum pulled it out her pocket when she was putting her clothes in the washing machine. Jane's mum used to work in a science laboratory and she saw that the label was from a very dangerous type of chemical. She phoned the local chemical company...

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The Label that saved the World!

Once upon a time there was a mad doctor genius who decided to make a label come to life. It was hours of work but it was all worth it as the label was a super hero. It wasn’t a day and it had already started fighting crime but the mad doctor was already working on his new experiment that went terribly wrong and it became a super villain. And a couple of months later they met face to face and since that day they became arch- nemesis, the label continued to fight crime and the villain continued to create crime. The label was very very good but one thing we did know that if the evil villain got a...

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The super hero, the villain and the LABEL

There was a man called Peter Deville, he had brown hair with big glasses and he was very tall. When he was a young boy he got bullied all the time. He wanted revenge, he wanted to rule the world and make the boys who bullied him bow before him. He created a machine that would help him rule the world. It was called the ‘Control the world machine.’ STOP but …..But he put the wrong label on the machine. It said control when he was about to try it out and BOOM!!! A super hero appeared and stopped him from activating the machine. The hero was called STOP!!! He wore a red outfit and a red cape but …...

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