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Tackling writer’s block, the effective way!

Writer’s block can be a nuisance when you are on a deadline. I have always found it trying to drag me down when I have the most important things to do. But how can you let your head mess with your work? It is neither professional nor called for. Throughout years, I have somewhat mastered the art of fighting it. Some tips, I came across online, some, my writer friends shared with me. But I must tell you that there’s no sure thing that all the tips that help me shall be of use to you. While you are trying a tip of mine, you may find some little variation to it helping you instead! To begin with, you must...

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10 must-dos in your 20s!

One sure thing about life is that it passes right by and we don't even acknowledge it. We take it for granted and go by our routine believing that a bright new day shall dawn upon us somewhere, sometime and we shall be happy then. But till that day arrives in our lives, we must work hard, go by our monotonous life and just wait for it eagerly. But if this is the way one should live, what's the point of this life after all? The 20s are the time when we are at our best. Not so best financially, but we are young, full of energy and our dreams rule our lives. We have just stepped out of our...

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Interviewing Linn Bark, our young Swedish writer

Dear readers, It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to our talented Swedish writer, Miss. Linn Bark. We recently published her book “Krigetinuti” (Swedish language). Since she lives in Sweden and we are based in Scotland, it was rather difficult to interview her the traditional way. So we came up with the idea of interviewing her over our blog today. 1. To begin with, please tell us a little about yourself. My name is Linn Bark. I´m 26 years old and I live in Sweden in a small city called Hallstahammar with my family of two young sons and my husband. I work with music, lead choruses, sing, write, illustrate and much more. 2. When did you realize...

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Writing – How it all began

Have you ever wondered what this world would be like if there were no ways to write things down? No books. No kindle readers. No way to preserve the vast literature, history, culture and languages of this world. Nothing with anything written on them! You communicate only verbally, memorize every necessary information because you don't know how to write, in fact, you have never heard of it. No reading or writing — no concept of a place called school. No money around because how do you represent numbers? No signboards anywhere. It won't be chaos, because we would have still survived in a world like that, like our ancient people did. But imagine the inconvenience the sheer lack of writing...

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Who are you?

Once upon a time, there lived a little girl in a small, desolated valley. She had a beautiful cottage in the woods, the huge windows of the cottage gave a rather magnificent view of what lay around her. The valley was unlike any you may have ever known. A beautiful stream flew through it with plenty of fishes swimming by, the jungle that surrounded the valley was so thick there was no way of penetrating through it. You may think the little girl was sad, but she wasn't. She had friends in the valley, there were dogs, cats, rabbits and deer, little cuckoos that sung through the day, sparrows that chirped endlessly, squirrels that came down the trees and ran...

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Know your publishing – A writer’s guide into the world of book publishing

I remember when I had completed writing my book. Two hundred pages of awesomeness, I had told myself. Finding a publisher won't take long for a book like this, I am sure. How I hate to admit how wrong I was. Writing a book is only the first step to the many, many more that follow, the second of which is finding the right publisher. I looked up a bunch of publishing houses online and promptly sent them an email, attaching carefully every single file they had asked for in their submission guidelines. Within a week, I received emails from at least half a dozen publishers, who were interested in taking my book in and turning it around into a shiny,...

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MageQuill has many faces

MageQuill has many moods and many faces. Just like the stories and the people it represents and promotes. Do you want to see a specific expression? Write to us on

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MageQuill is Bombadil's new literacy tool, due out in the autumn. It is the place for young people to meet other writers, the place to write, meet up and discuss their stories with peers and mentors, develop characters, interact with the language, roll-play and when not writing, get access to an amazing library of quality books written by other young writers. MageQuill is as much an educational tool, as it is a library and a platform for the creative, the individual and those on a mission to share their thoughts and ideas with the world. The best stories created in MageQuill will become ebooks, and a specially adapted peer-review system will then select the best of the best, the books...

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Creativity flowing through the lochs

The move took an unexpectedly long time but along with spring is coming abundance of energy and new work as our Bombadil team is working at bringing our many new titles by very talented young authors. Some books have been ready for a while, and can now finally be released. We believe that these beautiful and awe-inspiring surroundings are perfect for our equally inspiring and fascinating quality books. As you can see from this picture, our location is difficult to match - the same as the new books soon to be published. We will be inviting you to read new books by authors in Scotland, England, the US, South Africa, Sweden and India, to mention but a few. Our author...

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