The Genius Disease

Because there’s a cure for everything
Ava MacKinnon

“Loser ” is just another one of the name’s I was called every day It’s up there with “nerd” and “fat”. But out of all my many labels. Worst one had to be loser. I guess I thought that I was kinda used to it. But not really every time I fell down, I would try to push myself back up. But I just would keep tripping over my own feet. That’s when it would get bad. At first, I heard nothing I was crawling around the floor trying to find my glasses. But then all of a sudden I would hear snickers behind me. Then came the giggling. Then the full out laughing and pointing. When I finally did get up, I was crowded by a bunch of people I didn’t know, pointing and laughing at me. I thought to myself. “Why”? And then I ran away crying. Just like every other time.
My name is Thalia Davis and I suppose I’m a loser.
As you already know my name is Thalia Davis. I still live with my parents, I’m 20 years old and I live in Scotland, I am an only child so I get a bit lonely, but my pet guinea pigs help with that. And this is the story of how I saved the world.
So when I was growing up I was always the tallest, the smartest, and the shyest. But I was never the most popular. I was always being ridiculed by my peers. None of them liked me. I grew up not knowing how bad my life was, until I hit 16. I handed out invitations for my birthday party. But no-one showed up. The next day, you wouldn’t believe how badly I was made fun of and “loser” was the name, the name that came up the most. By then I was in top classes for everything. Science, English, Math, Physics. Things like that. I had but one friend who was in all the same classes as me. Her name was Ciara. We did everything together we studied together. We went book shopping together and we traded scientific theories together.
All through my childhood I wanted to become a scientist. {Which I did} so I did work experience at all the major labs. Going through my teen years I developed a love for rock and alternative music. Always loved the Beatles and the rolling stones, I was never very pretty I had frizzy red hair, braces and glasses. I had a big nose and a terrible case of acne. I always wore black trousers.
At home I lived with my mum my dad. I had a little brother named Joe back then. He was three. I miss him now. But I’ll get to that later. When I turned 17 I heard about a new disease and set about trying to find a cure. I failed at every attempt. But then on my 18th birthday. My little brother Joe {who was then 5} fell extremely ill with the disease that I had been trying to cure. He was extremely ill for almost 10 months. He would only get worse. But what a little fighter he was. He fought until the end
Every type of medication they gave him did nothing but make him worse. Every time I got to see him he was asleep. “sleep fights disease”. My mum kept saying she said it lots. “Everything will be ok” is what my dad would say. He would keep saying it over and over again as if he was trying to convince himself more than anyone else.
After 10 months of agony, for not only him but for us to, he died whilst in a deep sleep. Falling into it not knowing he was never going to wake up. His service was beautiful. He was such a young life and I could barely stand being at his funeral, no matter how beautiful it was. I cried all the way through it.
About a week after Joe’s death the world was struck by a massive wave of Joe’s disease {which was what I began to call it} the exact same I had tried to cure.
I then knew what I had to do. I had to cure it. After months and months of testing and planning I finally made a breakthrough. I had it. The solution to the world’s problem. I had the cure. After bottling it. I knew I had one more thing to do. I had to label it.
Ava MacKinnon

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