The Label that Saved the World.

Max and Jane were out for their morning walk along the beach when Max found a bit of old paper. Jane took it off him to see what it was. She did not know what it said. There were a lot of big words on it that she had never heard before. She put it in her pocket and she and Max went home. Jane forgot all about the paper she had found until her mum pulled it out her pocket when she was putting her clothes in the washing machine. Jane’s mum used to work in a science laboratory and she saw that the label was from a very dangerous type of chemical. She phoned the local chemical company and they came and asked Jane to show them where Max had found it. When they looked at that place they found a bottle. The scientists said the bottle had been stolen and that if it had broken and gotten into the air and sea it could have done a great amount of damage all over the world. Jane got a special reward and Max got a large bone and a doggie treat for finding the label that saved the world.

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