The Label that saved the World!

Once upon a time there was a mad doctor genius who decided to make a label come to life. It was hours of work but it was all worth it as the label was a super hero. It wasn’t a day and it had already started fighting crime but the mad doctor was already working on his new experiment that went terribly wrong and it became a super villain.
And a couple of months later they met face to face and since that day they became arch- nemesis, the label continued to fight crime and the villain continued to create crime. The label was very very good but one thing we did know that if the evil villain got a hold of the label he would turn him black and his inside goodness would turn bad, but hopefully he would never get a hold of him.
The whole world woke up and it was a beautiful day but I turned on the news and Obama was kidnapped, he was kidnapped on the morning of the 29th of October. Everyone was running in fear, they were thinking if the evil villain can get to Obama then surly the can get to us.
A couple weeks went by the streets were still in panic but then an emergency broadcast was sent out to the whole of America it said if they wanted their old lives back all they had to do was hand over the label!!!!! It was days before any one made a decision but the whole of America was divided and then everyone came together and decided to have a vote all of the votes were counted and 51% present of the votes were to hand him in.
The police finally caught up with him and then the label knew it was his time to go, but he got to the white house and it turns out he wasn’t just terrorising America, but in fact he had kidnapped every president in the world! He was planning on killing the label so no one could get in his way.
The label woke up in an old crumbly rotten jail cell and then a man walks past the cell saying you have a visitor, it was the mad doctor. He said he was sorry for ever creating that monster. The label said to him it wasn’t his fault. He replied, “But I did make him with one weakness, he has a little switch on the side of his hip, if you can get to it it will deactivate him forever.”
So he broke out of of his handcuffs and flew to the white house and ran at the evil villain and ruby tackled him, flicked the switch and deactivated the evil villain and he was put in a metal container for the rest of his life. The whole world was returned to its former glory and for one second he thought everything was perfect… Then a big machine fell from the sky he ran at it and then……….

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