Tackling writer’s block, the effective way!

notepad-926046_1920Writer’s block can be a nuisance when you are on a deadline. I have always found it trying to drag me down when I have the most important things to do. But how can you let your head mess with your work? It is neither professional nor called for. Throughout years, I have somewhat mastered the art of fighting it. Some tips, I came across online, some, my writer friends shared with me. But I must tell you that there’s no sure thing that all the tips that help me shall be of use to you. While you are trying a tip of mine, you may find some little variation to it helping you instead!

To begin with, you must treat writer’s block as something you can easily overcome. Think of it as a trouble you can’t cope with, you might as well kiss writing goodbye. Second,note when it’s the best time to write. Are you more comfortable during the morning hours or night?Afternoons or evenings? Can you write at a stretch or do you often need breaks? Tackling writer’s block is easier when you know your writing schedule.

If you are working on something already, begin your day with editing. Start by editing and the next thing you know is you are writing. I have always found it helpful to write once I have edited something I have written before. Once the subject matter is in your head with editing, the words come to you automatically.

While the Edit&Write tip works when you are at your desk, you can trigger a clear head by taking a walk alone, take a stroll around (go out, don’t take a walk around the house!), grab a coffee and take your surroundings in. Never lose out on your story. Keep thinking about it while you’re out on the streets. You may find it difficult at first but with time and a little practice, you will get used to the characters talking in your head and taking the story forward by themselves.

The more you treat your characters as real people than just fragments of your creation, the more they talk to you. And when that happens, writer’s block will have a hard time bothering you. Sometimes, when I find writing difficult, I take to reading or watching related content. If you need to write a scene about two lovers reuniting, watch the same, read the same and your brain will come up with a hundred new scenarios.

It’s important to stay focused. If you are the kind of person who constantly needs to remind himself to write and not turn on the TV, it’s time to start being headstrong about writing. Reserve an hour or two when you must write and that’s what you must do during that allotted time. If you need the internet to do some research, try your best not to open your social media account or chat up with people online. Log out of anything that may send you pop up messages and distract you. The best way to write without distractions is to use a system without an internet connection.

While the above mentioned tips are great for short stories, articles and novellas, novels are another thing altogether. Why? Because novels are longer, need more planning and so, more focus needs to go in. The thing with writer’s block is that it makes everything else looks great other than writing. You can acquire focus in case of novels by breaking the matter down. Instead of looking at the big picture and getting confused, focus on one chapter, one page at a time. Break the story into many little ones and go from one to another. Make bullet points, one sentence themes and start writing. It is much easier that way!

In the end, you overcome writer’s block by focusing on what you are writing and staying focused obsessively to not think about anything else. Derive your pride and happiness from writing and it will take you ahead!

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