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Know your publishing – A writer’s guide into the world of book publishing

I remember when I had completed writing my book. Two hundred pages of awesomeness, I had told myself. Finding a publisher won't take long for a book like this, I am sure. How I hate to admit how wrong I was. Writing a book is only the first step to the many, many more that follow, the second of which is finding the right publisher. I looked up a bunch of publishing houses online and promptly sent them an email, attaching carefully every single file they had asked for in their submission guidelines. Within a week, I received emails from at least half a dozen publishers, who were interested in taking my book in and turning it around into a shiny,...

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Each story is a life…

"I was ten years old when I decided I wanted to write. At that time, it had just been a pet project. You see, I was bored of goblins and orcs and the regular monsters in the fantasy universe. So, I decided I would create a new monster­­­ so, my story started with the monster instead of the hero. At that time, I knew I wasn’t particularly good but I had started to enjoy it so much that it didn’t really matter. It was only four years and ten drafts later that I realized that writing was the most important thing in my life. When I was young, we went to my ancestral village each year during the festive season...

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About the English language

Stephen Fry has always been a great advocate of the English language. Here is a particularly interesting piece. I tend to agree with what he says, especially since a language can only be great if it grows and changes with the times. Change does not mean leaving the good, it means developing, and adding. Being alive. Here is an interesting view on English by Stephen Fry  

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Sad news about Ian Banks

Sometimes sadness and laughter can mix. I was very sad to hear that Ian Banks has terminal cancer. He announced it on his website though many major UK papers also carried the news. The BBC carried the news as did the Daily Mail. This of course made me sad, as Ian Banks is an extremely talented author, and seems to be a wonderful person as well. What did make me laugh, however, was his wonderful way of proposing to his wife. He apparently wrote: As a result, I've withdrawn from all planned public engagements and I've asked my partner Adele if she will do me the honour of becoming my widow (sorry - but we find ghoulish humour helps). So sad,...

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