MageQuill: Igniting young minds and empowering freedom of speech

magequill_logo_by_takogami-d94sg8jDear readers,

We are participating in the Virgin Startup contest and we would really appreciate if if you would help us win by voting for us! As the founder of the revolutionizing educational tool called MageQuill, we are confident that this has the capacity to change lives and impact young minds. But we cannot get through this without your help and support.

So here we are, presenting our idea to the world:

Young people want to be heard.

Schools want to improve literacy.

We are a highly experienced company based in the Highlands of Scotland working to create a better world by helping young people get their voices heard.

We do this through publishing printed and e-books by young authors and assuring quality through a unique mentoring system linked to our web based editing and networking platform MageQuill.

MageQuill is an arena for young people to write stories and voice their thoughts and dreams with assistance from mentors. Students are encouraged to partake in the selection process to not only choose the best books to publish, but also to interact, influence and earn royalties.

The opportunity to be heard boosts confidence and kindles hope. It offers freedom of speech, the cornerstone of democracy and equality.

Our unique selling point is our student-centric approach to education and literacy. By moving this process online we now meet the demand of our young writers in over 90 countries, and include important features such as social networking, and peer and mentor feedback throughout the creative process.

This makes us significantly different to anything else in the market. Our first subscription based platform customer was Education Scotland who identified MageQuill as a way to grow the Gaelic language and secure a stream of new literature of high interest to the students. This interest has triggered further minority language opportunities in Australia and the Philippines.

Our technical solution really is a paradigm shift in the global world of publishing as it transfers power to the readers, empowering our young authors without compromising the quality of the published books. It elevates the best of the young writers to published authors, worldwide and without borders.

Now we have received an invitation to take MageQuill to the next level.

Airtel, a mobile telecoms provider, has been tasked with providing educational content right across the African continent. There are many minority languages there along with infrastructural problems and that makes our product the perfect tool.

But as we embark on the next stage of our journey we need funds to help us grasp this amazing opportunity now.

We are passionate about making young people heard so that they can realise their dreams and develop as world citizens. A vote for us will help young children across Africa and the world

Please help us help them, by voting for us here:

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