Lots of new things happening

When others go to the beach and enjoy their bank holiday weekend, we have been stuck inside (well most of the time :.D) working hard and getting the last pieces to fall into place. Our shop is ready now, and when it is released there will be new updates about our wonderful authors, their books, future books and publishing at large. We have also developed a dashboard which will show interesting information about what is selling. To keep the suspense, however, we will be releasing features – and books – a little at a time. So keep your eyes peeled.

And that is not the only thing. We are also almost ready with our mentor-author stage gate document handling program, which allows authors and mentors to monitor – at all times – where they are in the process, what is happening and what will happen. We are working on a video training system as well, which has progressed quite far now. Our new social website is also working, and soon old members of the Ning network will be receiving invitations. I hope to get a lot of interaction and a lot of energy.

And for the last and even more exciting news, Jonathan and Jocelyn are joining us next months. More about them later.

Excitement all round!

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