Need a job – invent it, want a book – write it

I finally had some time to catch up with my reading and came across this rather interesting column from the New York Times. It is about kids and the changing world they live and learn in. Innovation is important, as is creativity. The long and the short of it is that we all has to adapt to the changing times, as must publishing. It is time for people to write the kind of books they want to read, and to be heard. It is time to understand that media no longer has the same power as it had before. There is still power, but not in the same way. Trends are no longer created by publishing houses, but by the individual. It is not difficult to get published, but it is difficult to write a good book. Similar to how Thomas Friedman of this article claims that it is not difficult to study but difficult to get it right and adapt in the right way. May be a liberal interpretation of what Mr Friedman is saying, but it definitely made me think. Minolta DSC

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