New web features

Our website has finally been upgraded by wonderful Eric Wichman, who is our new webmaster but also in charge of improving the website. Read all about him on We are only at the beginning of our journey but I have been very pleased with everything that has happened so far. There are many skills that are needed in a good IT person, one is of course skills; the second is good communication, and the third is of course knowledge so you do not need to pay for the IT consultant gaining the knowledge needed to help your company grown. So far Eric has all of them, and I am going to spend this first blog praising him, because if it was not for him I would not be able to blog this way. Thank you Eric, you are a gem! Starting gently over the next week, and then gaining momentum I will be blogging about Bombadil Publishing, but about our authors, but also about the publishing industry at large. I have worked in publishing for so many years that most of it seems self-evident, but there are few places where information is actually given about the industry and the publishing process. Perhaps this is because it is such an old industry, or perhaps it is a way of keeping a distance with the general public, something I feel is a shame. I want to publish the books that young people want to write, i want to listen to what the young people want to read and I want to see and experience the new trends in publishing – not see them after the event. Please let me know if there is something you want to know – and please keep the spam away from our pages and the language clean. We have readers as young as 12. We have integrated a social website into our site. It will open opportunities for discussions – many I hope – and questions. And writing. And interaction. Please send comment, please be active and please spread the word so we will can revolutionise and modernise the publishing industry. Leave the old ways behind and empower youth literature, youth writing, the voices of the youth. I am here to listen. Please bear with us during this week if there are glitches. We will sort them. Or Eric will. If he can’t do it, I think no one can. Thank you Eric for all your work. Think you readers for your time. Thank you Bombadilians for being who you are!

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