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Bombadil Publishing has recently embedded its manual process in an educational tool giving students the possibility to work on their literacy and language skills as required within the curriculum.

This tool is called MageQuill, named after the Scottish slang for “cool”, the magic that is behind creativity, mixed with equal measures of a practitioner of magic and the office’s resident cat, Quill.
The best writing is turned into e-books, and the best of the best make it as printed books to the shelves in bookshops and libraries around the world. We have historically been publishing in English, Spanish and Swedish and have now added German and Gaelic. More languages to follow.
An annual subscription includes access to not only the writing tool itself but also a library of high quality books written by youth, a creative and exciting world of young dreams and literary exploration. Join the literacy revolution! Let the students write the sort of books they want to read – and prepare to be amazed by their talent and passion!
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